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Bonnie's also makes wine charms in the store.  Call or e-mail for pricing and shipping.  Photos of some examples of recent charms are below.
Wine charm with name "Frank" and blue beads
Wine charm on goblet stemWine charms for "Rich" and "Lori"

Other products:

  • Alchemy of England jewelry, goblets, and tankards.  The small photo doesn't do it justice.

  • DavenLore refillable bottlesOne liter of DavenLore Recovery Red in a refillable bottle.  During farmer's market season the bottles can be exchanged at the Prosser Farmer's Market (Saturdays) or Richland Farmer's Market (Fridays).  Bonnie carries the refillables all year. www.davenlore.com for details.  (He's currently in to batch #4.)
  • Party supplies - from plain to pretty, light plastic plates, trays, dipping bowls, and bottle stoppers.  Napkins to match, bags to carry wine, jewelry for bling.  Some plates have a space to hold wine glasses so you'll have one hand free to load up your plate.
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages - old-fashioned soda pop and new-fashioned drinks including Nesbitt's, Bubble-Up, Dad's, Sioux City, Frostie's Creme Soda.
  • Packaged Cheeses and gluten-free foods.  Niche-market foods in their own niche - with a refrigerator.  
  • Carvings by Ed McMahan. The photo shows a pair of Ed's carved barrels.  Inside the store we have carved barrel staves, faces, barrel segments and tops. (These pictures are representative of what was in stock.   New items as Ed gets around to it.)
  • Wine barrels.  Bonnie tried to stock whole, used wine barrels. Useful for decorating, beehives, carving, or making in to furniture.  The market for barrels is tight with so many being exported or turned in to furniture - call to see what's in stock.
  • Wine barrel furniture.  Different folks make furniture in different styles.  Stools, tables, trays, etc.
  • Wine - over 500 winery/varietal/vintages in stock.  Most are from Washington State with a few from Oregon.  Besides the still wines there are forté, late harvest, ice wines, and sparkling wines from grapes. 
    • Fruit wines from marionberry, blackberry, cranberry, etc. in table and dessert styles. 
  • Hard Cider.  Hard cider includes Tieton flavored ciders from Tieton.
  • GF Beer
    • Groundbreaker Brewing GF from Portland, OR (formerly Harvester)

A note on terminology:

Only wines from the Douro region of Portugal can be called "port."  The USA equivalent is "forté".

True "Champagne" comes from the Champagne region of France. The USA equivalent is "sparkling."
"Cider" is a beverage made from apple juice.  Bonnie has both "hard cider", which has alcohol, and "cider," which has no alcohol.

"Perry" is a fermented drink made from pears.

a generic term for alcoholic products made from honey. There are many styles of mead including meads with added flavors such as raspberry.

LH is short for "late harvest" where the grapes are harvested later in the year and have extra sugar.  This sort of wine is usually sweeter than normal.

Ice Wine is made of juice from frozen grapes.  This concentrates the sugars and can be made in to a very sweet wine.

Bordeaux Blend is typically a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot wines.

Some grape varietals have multiple names.  A few synonyms are:
  • Durif - Petite Syrah
  • Primitivo - Zinfandel (also known as Crljenak in Croatia)
  • Lemberger - Blaufränkisch
  • Syrah - Sirah - Shiraz (and there are many more names depending on local custom)