Gift baskets

Bonnie custom-makes gifts baskets with items from the store.  The baskets can include wine and a variety of other wine-related items and food. Just give us a call for one for any occasion.

Another basket made for the Prosser Balloon Rally.  There is a bottle of sparkling wine in there along with the wineglass labels hanging off the sides and the sparkling re-corker on the top.
Wine cork cage shaped like a balloon, sparkling wine, wine decorations

Bonnie's has other ideas for gift baskets priced from $50 to $90 or more depending on wine(s) and accessories selected.  The pictures below are ideas for gift sets.
Wine gift basket with 3 bottles of wine, cockscrew, wine bottle sopper, and wooden trayWine gift basket with bottle of wine, apron, tray, napkins, and cookbook.